From: Diversity Round Table
Date: October 1, 2023
Subject: DRT Spooky Newsletter

Halloween is just around the corner Bronchos!

We’re already in October Bronchos! Welcome to the end of week 6 (or beginning of week 7, whenever Nychelle can get this released). October is arguably one of the best months for students, we have fall break starting on October 12 and HALLOWEEN! It’s also the official start of fall so pumpkin spice is back!  

Come by our office! Over the summer we rearranged our spaces to be more functional for students! Our Student Parent Pantry is now in the front of the office for ease of access. Also in the front are our new workshop and study spaces, while the student lounge is in the back with couches and Galaga. We are also piloting a Native resource center and have recently opened El Centro, our Latinx resource center. one on each side of the office.

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