APO Student-Directed Productions

2022-2023 School Year

directed by Ian Wehrenberg

In this play by Joshua Harmon; Jordan, a young advertising agent is searching for “Mr. Right” in the complex dating landscape of the 21st century. As singles’ nights with his friends slowly become bachelorette parties and wedding ceremonies, he is forced to come to the realization that perhaps the only thing more difficult than finding love is supporting those around him when they do, SIGNIFICANT OTHER ran November 10-13, 2022 in the Mitchell Hall Studio Blackbox.

Tyler Abbott as JORDAN BERMAN
Bellah Crawford as LAURA
Alejandra Carnero as KIKI
Felicity Branson as VANESSA
Renda Schroeder as HELENE
Riley Samuel as WILL / CONRAD / TONY
Nom Martinez as EVAN / ZACH / ROGER

directed by Sara Benab

Gus is an artist. Vanessa is an actress. When a major museum seeks to showcase diverse voices in their next exhibition, Gus enlists Vanessa's help to create an audacious new artistic persona to get him in the show. Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning Playwright James Ijames, and a challenge of art, identity and privilege WHITE opens March 9-12, 2023 in the Mitchell Hall Studio Blackbox.

Ian Wehrenberg as GUS
Kaia Crawford as ST. DIANA ROSS
Juan Aceves / Nom Marinez as TANNER**
Maegan Klusman as JANE

**For this production of White, the role of Tanner was double-cast with both performers receiving two performances a piece.

2021-2022 School Year

directed by Bellah Crawford

Michael Cristofer's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning drama serves as an examination of grief through the perspectives of three families grappling with terminal illness during a tumultuous twenty-four hours in cottages at a hospice retreat. THE SHADOW BOX ran in the Mitchell Hall Studio Blackbox in November 11-14, 2021.

Maddie Loury as MAGGIE
Josiah Campbell as JOE
Ryder Trayah as STEVE
Nathan Rogers as BRIAN
Cutter Acker as MARK
Rainey Denison as BEVERLY
Annie Rhyne as FELICITY
Izabella Stout as AGNES

directed by Tyler Abbott

In Kait Kerrigan and Bree Loudermilk's musical-drama, 18-year-old Samantha Brown balances on the edge of her future, car keys clutched in her hand. As she sits in the driver's seat, she faces a choice: will she follow in her mother's footsteps, or take the dare of her impetuous best friend and chart a new path? THE MAD ONES ran in the Radke Theatre in the Center for Transformative Learning in March 9-12, 2022.

Hannah Dedmon / Ashlynn Stewart as SAMANTHA BROWN**
Annie Ryhne / Maddy Young as KELLY MANNING**
Lindsey Duffin / Jenna Gaston as BEVERLY BROWN**
Jake Chapmond as ADAM

**For this production of The Mad Ones, the roles of Samantha, Kelly and Beverly were double-cast with both sets of actresses receiving two performances a piece.